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This week we finish Dancing Etiquette with Part ll.  The first part focused on etiquette off the dance floor. This time we’re looking at what to do on the dance floor.

  • Be considerate of your dance partner.  Smile and make eye contact with them. For the 3 minutes you’re dancing together give them your full attention.  Looking around at other people may make your dance partner feel like you would rather be with someone else or that you can’t wait for the song to finish.
  • Dance to the level of your partner. If you are more experienced then dance to the level of the less experienced partner.  This is especially important for the leaders/guys. When dancing with a new partner, start off with simple moves and gradually work your way up to more complicated moves.  But don’t go beyond what your dance partner can cope with or handle. Followers/ladies if there is a certain move that you don’t want to do or a certain body movement that you find difficult to perform, please let the leader/guy know so that he won’t lead you into them.
  • No fault dancing. Avoid blaming your partner for a move that wasn’t executed properly or incorrectly. Regardless of whose fault it actually was when the incident occurred, just smile, shrug it off and carry on. Accepting the blame is a nice touch for the guys but don’t go overboard with the apology, there’s no time for it and it might make your partner uncomfortable.
  • Share the floor wisely, especially if it is crowded. Be responsible when moving around the dance floor and be prepared to change directions or change moves when you are getting too close to another couple. This is a good opportunity to practice your floorcraft. Also try not to push other couples off the dance floor, be considerate to other dancers who also share the dance space. No body likes having a couple take over the dance floor by pushing others out of the way.
  • Teaching moves unsolicited. If someone asks you to dance, that doesn’t mean they’re after an impromptu lesson. The freestyle dance floor is not the place to teach or correct your partner and it takes the fun out of dancing. It is better to concentrate on the moves that both partners can do and enjoy.  If someone does ask to be taught how to do a move or improve, finish the song and head to the side of the dance floor, out of every body’s way and go through the move.

We all mingle within the same social circle in dancing and you will end up knowing who to avoid and who you can dance with.  These are some tips to help navigate the social niceties of dancing. There are bound to be more, these are the basics to get you started.

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