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A lot of etiquette is common sense – although there’s the quote why do they call it common sense when it’s so rare? There are certain social rules and etiquette we use when dealing with people in everyday life, dancing is no different. This is part 1 of 2 of the dos and don’ts of dancing. Below is a list of things that will be helpful to read and take note of before heading onto the dance floor.

  • Ceroc is pretty relaxed when it comes to what clothes to wear – generally smart casual. Unless it’s for a specific event – like black tie, wear what’s most comfortable for you.  Men don’t put any wallets or keys in your right trouser pocket as these objects can make it uncomfortable for women. Ladies try to keep your accessories like bracelets and big rings to a minimum so that they don’t get tangled with your partner’s clothing.
  • Make sure that you take care of your personal hygiene. Click here to read more
  • People come to dancing to dance. It’s acceptable for men and women to ask each other. If you see someone you want to dance with and they meet your eyes, go and ask them. If you see someone you want to dance with, and they start walking to the other side of the room when you look at them, don’t chase them. You don’t want to be a stalker.
  • Do your best to accept dance requests. It is totally okay to say no if you want to take a break or have already accepted another offer. However it is not fine to decline a dance and then go and accept another person’s offer when it is the same song.  If you decline and say you’ll find them later for a dance, follow through and do it. If you do get turned down, take the excuse at face value and go ask someone else for a dance. The main thing is to keep dancing.
  • Ask someone who you have never danced with, even if they are a beginner or advanced. Although it’s nice to dance with familiar faces, challenge yourself to dance with strangers or people from different levels.  A bonus is that it’s a great way to improve your dancing.
  • Be aware when heading onto the floor.  Avoid couples already dancing. It is the responsibility of the couple coming onto the dance floor to make sure that no accidents occur.

Keeping these things in mind will make your dancing go more smoothly. Be aware of what’s in your pockets and keep flashy and dangly accessories off the dance floor. Take care of your personal hygiene. Ask everyone for a dance and don’t stick to people who you know or are the same level as you. Today’s beginners will be the good dancers of tomorrow, so be nice to them. Do not decline unless you really have to, and once you have declined, don’t head out onto the floor with some other cutie. Be considerate of other dancers on the dance floor.

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